The Quick Start Challenge

So this year I finally got round to doing “The Quick Start Challenge” the challenge is a fantastic programme run by Dean Holland and Craig Crawford 2 legends of the Marketing world.


The challenge is only open to new users in a small window each year and hearing about previous successes  I wanted to make sure I had a seat this time.


Dean and Craig are really likeable and I can relate to their journey, the course is easy to understand and they explain things well, its great for both newbies and experienced people.


I like the fact that it really does make you take action and is really easy to follow and for someone like me who has shiny object syndrome I wanted something that would give me a kick up the proverbial ………


They have a Facebook group which is really good and supportive and I actually enjoy looking at, there are some really positive people in the group all wanting to take action and make the jump from a side line income to a full time income. There is a also a fantastic weekly live Q&A session where no question is a daft question.

Coffee ready, bring it onnnn


Ill be documenting all the Challeneges set by Dean & Craig and how the course has helped me. Plus a full report of what I have learnt and earnt from this.


See you next time ……..





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Looking to make to the jump form a sideline income to full time business

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